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Manufacturing Mil-Spec and Aerospace cables demands perfection. Since 1965, Harbour has played the leadership role enabling the company to supply a complete line of high temperature wire and cables that meet customers’ quality and performance requirements. The following constructions outline just a few of the Mil-Spec and Commercial wire and cables that Harbour manufactures.


   SAE AS 22759 Reference Guide


   WC27500 Reference Guide


   Download the entire Mil-Spec and Commercial Wire & Cable Catalog.

M22759 (SAE AS22759)

Extruded PTFE 
• Up to 1000 V and 260° C.

Mineral Filled Extruded PTFE 
• Up to 600 V and 260° C.

Extruded ETFE 
• Up to 600 V and 150° C.

M27500 (WC27500)

RC-06 & RC-09 Extruded PTFE 
• SAE AS22759/11 inners.

TE-14 Extruded ETFE 
• SAE AS22759/16 Primary conductors.

TG-14 Extruded ETFE 
• SAE AS22759/18 inners.

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