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NEMA HP3 & HP4 (M16878)

For use in internal wiring of electronic equipment and appliances. HP-3 & HP-4 lead wires have a low coefficient of friction which promotes easy handling. The insulation also resists hot soldering irons, is self extinguishing, non-flammable, has excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for immersion in gasoline, gasoline vapor and oil (at 80º C maximum). Weathering, ozone and most corrosive environments do not affect PTFE or FEP insulation.

  NEMA HP 3-4 Reference Guide

All constructions have a temperature rating of -65° up to 200ºC when utilizing Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Conductor and up to 260ºC when using Nickle Plated Copper (NPC) conductor. Note: NEMA HP-3 & HP4 have no requirement for the wire to be printed.

NEMA HP-3 Types E, EE, ET Extruded PTFE

Up to 1000 V and 200° C. Gauge sizes from 30 AWG to 6 AWG.  
Replaces M16878/4 thru /6

  NEMA HP-3 Datasheet

NEMA HP-4 Types K, KK, KT Extruded FEP

Up to 1000 V and 200° C. Gauge sizes from 30 AWG to 6 AWG.  
Replaces M16878/11 thru /13

  NEMA HP-4 Datasheet




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