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Supplier Terms

Supplier Terms

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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The Supplier requirements below apply to all suppliers and sub-tier suppliers to Harbour Industries LLC. Note that these requirements correspond with the requirements of AS9100D, Clause 8.4.3.

Approval of Products and Services; Methods, Processes and Equipment
Each shipment must be accompanied by one legible copy of a certificate of conformance (C of C). It must provide at a minimum: Supplier name, part number, purchase order number, quantity of parts, engineering revision, serial numbers (if applicable), and title and name of authorized Supplier representative.

Supplier is required to notify, and obtain Harbour’s approval, of any changes to product, process, suppliers or
manufacturing facility location. 

Counterfeit Parts
Harbour requires its suppliers to plan and implement a process, appropriate to the organization and product, to ensure the prevention of counterfeit, or suspected counterfeit part inclusion in any products delivered to Harbour.

Customer Approved Special Process Sources
If applicable, the supplier shall use, as well as direct sub-tier suppliers to use, Harbour’s designated suppliers as
instructed on the purchase order.

Harbour must be notified in advance if the contractually agreed upon delivery date will not be met.

Flow Down Requirements
The supplier shall ensure that all applicable Purchase Order requirements be flowed down to its sub-tier suppliers.

Nonconforming Material
Supplier is required to notify Harbour of, and obtain Harbour’s approval, before shipping any nonconforming product.

Personnel Qualification
Supplier shall ensure that all employees performing quality/conformity sensitive tasks on Harbour products are qualified to perform the task. The supplier shall keep this information available in applicable personnel training records.

Quality Management System
Seller shall establish and maintain a quality assurance system acceptable for Buyer for the goods and/or services
purchased under this contract. Seller shall permit Buyer to review procedures, practices, processes and related
documents to determine such acceptability. Seller shall have a continuing obligation to promptly notify Buyer of any
violation of or deviation from Seller’s approved inspection/quality control system and to advise Buyer promptly of the quantity and specific identity of any Goods delivered to Buyer during the period of any such violation or deviation.

The Seller shall notify Buyer of any changes to its quality assurance system qualification certification, registration or
accreditation within (5) business days of receiving notification of the change or finding. Such changes include, but are not limited to suspension, expiration, issuance of a new certification, registration or accreditation.

Record Retention
Harbour requires that any records generated as a result of this Purchase Order be maintained by the supplier, and subtier supplier(s), for at least (10) years from the date of completion of the contract (PO).

Right of Access
Harbour reserves the right of access by Harbour, its customers, and any applicable regulatory authorities to all supplier sites and records applicable to this purchase order.

Supplier Interactions with Harbour
In addition to the other requirements recorded within this document, Suppliers shall hold all information received from Fiber-Line LLC in confidence, and no third party request for information will be authorized unless approved, in writing, by Harbour.

Supplier Performance
Harbour measures its suppliers on quality and delivery performance on a monthly basis. On-time delivery is measured by units on-time/units late (i.e. lbs, quarts). For example: If a supplier delivers 50 units on time, but the other 50 units are late, their on-time percentage would be 50%. Quality percentage is calculated using the same method. Three months in a row of performance below 93% in either category will initiate a corrective action to be sent to the supplier.

Corrective actions must be completed and returned within 30 days of notification.

Test Specimens for Design Approval, Inspection/Verification, Investigation, or Auditing;
When requested by Harbour Industries LLC or its customers, the supplier is required to provide test specimens for
inspection/verification, investigation and/or auditing purposes.

The supplier must maintain traceability of parts and components used in Harbour’s products to their original authorized manufacturers.

Harbour also requires its suppliers to ensure its employees are aware of the following:

  • Their contribution to product or service conformity
  • Their contribution to product safety
  • The importance of ethical behavior

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