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• Attenuation Stability Test Procedure For Coaxial Cable
this Quality Control Inspection Procedure provides instructions to perform an attenuation stability test for coaxial cables

Attenuation vs. Temperature Correction Factor for Coaxial Cable
recalculates the attenuation of a coax cable at various temperatures

Connector Frequency Range Chart
defines connector types suitable for use at various operating frequencies

Measurement Method Evaluates Shielding Effectiveness” article

• Harbour Industries' Coax for MIL-T-81490(AS) Cable Assemblies
Low Loss coax manufactured to meet electrical performance requirements as defined in Paragraph 3.6.4 of
the MIL-T-81490 assembly specification.

Phase Stability over Flexure for Low Loss Coaxial Cable
details the relative change in phase over flexure

• Phase Stability over Temperature for Low Loss Coaxial Cable
details the relative change in phase for a given change in temperature

• Power Handling Capability of Coaxial Cable
specifies the average input power in Watts at various frequencies

Power vs. Temperature Derating Factors
recalculates the power handling capabilities of a coax cable at various temperature

Termination Techniques for Harbour's SS402 and SS405 Flexible Coax Cables

VSWR and Return Loss of Coaxial Cables
brief description, formula, and cross-reference list

“Why MIL-DTL-17 Coax Cables with PTFE Dielectrics should be Specified for Commercial and Military Applications”
Harbour Industries was asked to evaluate samples of "RG178" and "RG316" coax cables that were supposedly manufactured in accordance with the MIL-DTL-17 specification. At the very least, the cables were reported to perform as the MIL-DTL-17 specification. One manufacturer was located in North America, the other was located in Asia. Here's what we discovered. Click title above to read more.



Ampacity Chart for conductors
determines the current carrying capacity of different size conductors at various temperatures

Red Plague Commentary (Cuprous Oxide Corrosion)

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