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A New Industry Standard for Attenuation Stability



As a premier manufacturer of high performance wire and cable, Harbour has developed a full line of high speed data cables for Aerospace applications such as In-Flight-Entertainment, Cabin Management Systems, Satellite Communications to name a few.

Harbour’s LL coaxial cables, with expanded PTFE dielectrics and strip braid composite configurations, offer attenuation from 20 to 35% below other mil spec cables of comparable size. When size and weight are considerations, Harbour’s LL cables should be considered. The unique braid configuration and the expanded PTFE dielectrics of the LL cable constructions contribute to lower attenuation levels at higher frequencies, while providing shielding effectiveness levels that exceed those of flexible MIL-DTL-17 cables. Flat strips of silver plated copper are braided over the dielectric core with an intermediate metalized polyester or polyimide layer, and an outer round wire braid.

Process Makes Perfect – Melt Extrusion Saves Time and Money

Although commonly used in the manufacturing process of aerospace data cables, PTFE ram (formally known as PTFE paste extrusion) extrusion of inner conductors has a number of negatives. The nature of this process and its start-and-stop production method causes ram extrusion to have longer lead times, shorter average lengths leading to greater scrap.  Finally the very nature of PTFE leads to problematic downstream process handling- cutting and stripping during connectorization as each cut may often need custom hand trimming.

Harbour Industries LLC is committed to manufacturing wire and cable products to the highest quality standards in the military, aerospace and defense industries.  In support of that commitment to quality Harbour recently completed the 2015 annual audit of their Quality Management System.  

Quad cable constructions are the Data Cable workhorses in countless applications in today’s aircraft. For example often many, many thousands of feet will be used in a single In-Flight-Entertainment system. No surprise Engineers need the lightest quad cable they can get their hands on.


Enter Harbour Industries Data Master Q100®!  Harbour’s proprietary Fluoropolymer insulation Delivers!   

Comparing an "RG" Coax to a MIL-DTL-17 Coax is like comparing an Apple to an Orange.

Shelburne, VT — Back in 1965, the founders of Harbour Industries had a vision: to manufacture high temperature and high performance cable for the military, commercial and industrial markets. Over time, they added products for the rapidly growing aerospace arena. Fast-forward fifty years, and Harbour celebrates its golden anniversary by highlighting continuous innovation and breakthroughs in cable technology.
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