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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

Quad cable constructions are the Data Cable workhorses in countless applications in today’s aircraft. For example often many, many thousands of feet will be used in a single In-Flight-Entertainment system. No surprise Engineers need the lightest quad cable they can get their hands on.


Enter Harbour Industries Data Master Q100®!  Harbour’s proprietary Fluoropolymer insulation Delivers!   

How does 10% sound?

Do the math!

Data Master® Q100 24awg:                               22.0 lbs/mft
Harbour's closest competitor's 24 quad:   24.5 lbs/mft
                        Weight Loss:                                    -2.5 lbs/mft

Throw in a cable construction that’s tougher, easier to terminate, longer lengths, and COMPETITIVE. It’s game over!
• 22, 24 and 26AWG
• Operating Temperature: -55°C through 200°C
• Jackets: FEP, laser printable ETFE (200°C available!)

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