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Breaking the Weight Barrier



Air passengers are demanding more and more from in-flight entertainment systems. Travelers expect video streaming, wireless access, on-demand TV, and operating multiple screens -- just like they do on the ground. Airlines have to deliver or lose market share. But rising fuel costs require lighter weight communication cable. A dual challenge.




Ten years ago, Harbour Industries predicted the demand for lighter weight, high-capacity aerospace communication cable. To push the envelope on weight, they developed a proprietary fluoropolymer insulation.  By introducing air into closed cell conductor insulation, Harbour reduced the weight of their cables by 10% while at the same time achieving enhanced crush resistance.  Harbour commercialized their breakthrough product line as DataMaster® Q100 high speed quad cables, available in 24 and 26 AWG.



With nearly two miles of communications cable in an average Boeing 747 jet, a 10% weight reduction translates into 2.5 lbs. of weight per 1000 linear feet of cable, or 25 lbs. This is estimated to save 270 gallons of fuel per 12-hour round flight on a commercial jet, about $745. Conservatively, with DataMaster® Q100 cable installed airlines save $37,000 in fuel cost per plane per year.


Additionally, the proprietary insulation provides swift, clean-cut termination, and the production process yields longer average lengths. These factors speed up installation, which save OEMs labor time. They also help prevent human errors during installation.


* Calculations made using 2015 jet fuel costs of $2.76/gallon


Applications: In Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Management Systems, Internet Backbone Avionics, and Ground Vehicle, Trunk and Bus


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