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News & Events Introducing Harbour Industries' Online Attenuation Calculator!

Introducing Harbour Industries' Online Attenuation Calculator!

This interactive tool may be found on the Coax Product Landing Page.

Compare Harbour cables at desired operating frequencies

Although typical and maximum attenuation values are already noted at discrete frequencies, this Attenuation Calculator makes it easy to compare all of Harbour cables at a particular operating frequency.

Attenuation Calculator eliminates the cumbersome process of manually calculating K factors

Last year, a formula using "K factors" was added for each cable in the catalog:

* The K1 factor is a calculated value taking into consideration the plating type, strand factor, diameter of the center conductor, and impedance of the cable.

* The K2 factor takes into consideration the velocity of propagation and the dissipation factor of the dielectric.

Although these K factors make it possible to calculate typical values, even using a simplified formula can be cumbersome at best when comparing a number of cables:

IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3!

For example, you might be using standard M17/60-RG142 coax at 1.65 GHz (1,650 MHz) and want to know which cables are available from Harbour with lower attenuation and the same .195” maximum diameter.

Of course, when choosing the perfect cable for your application, there’s more involved than just comparing attenuation.

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