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Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Cable

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SE Jacket Construction

  • Stranded silver plated copper conductor
  • Extruded Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Silver plated copper braid 85% coverage
  • White extruded FEP jacket 
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SE Cables

Part NumberAWG/StrandingPrimary DiameterShield DiameterCable Diameterlbs/mft
1XE24-19/36SE24 19/36.043".059".075"7
2XE24-19/36SE24 19/36.043".102".118"13
3XE24-19/36SE24 19/36.043".109".127"16
4XE24-19/36SE24 19/36.043".120".138"19
1XE22-19/34SE22 19/34.049".065".083"10
2XE22-19/34SE22 19/34.049".114".132"15
3XE22-19/34SE22 19/34.049".122".138"20
4XE22-19/34SE22 19/34.049".135".153"25
1XE20-19/32SE20 19/32.058".074".090"11
2XE20-19/32SE20 19/32.058".132".150"20
3XE20-19/32SE20 19/32.058".141".156"27
4XE20-19/32SE20 19/32.058".156".180"35
1XE18-19/30SE18 19/30.068".084".102"15
2XE18-19/30SE18 19/30.068".152"*176"28
3XE18-19/30SE18 19/30.068".163".187"38
4XE18-19/30SE18 19/30.068".181".205"47
1XE16-19/29SE16 19/29.075".091".109"17
2XE16-19/29SE16 19/29.075".166".190"33
3XE16-19/29SE16 19/29.075".178".202"46
4XE16-19/29SE16 19/29.075".198".222"59
1XE14-19/27SE14 19/27.090".106".124"23
2XE14-19/27SE14 19/27.090".196".220"45
3XE14-19/27SE14 19/27.090".210".235"62
4XE14-19/27SE14 19/27.090".233".258"79
1XE12-19/25SE12 19/25.111".127".145"33
2XE12-19/25SE12 19/25.111".238".262"68

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Harbour Industries is the global leader in product engineering and manufacturing of high temperature and high-performance cable. Our product and process engineering expertise ensures the highest quality products manufactured to precise customer specifications.


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Certifications and Compliance

  • AS9100D
  • Proposition 65 - California
  • RoHS
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