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HF (High Frequency) Coaxial Cables

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HF Coaxial Cables for MIL-DTL-17

Harbour Industries is the leading supplier of QPL approved MIL-DTL-17 cables. All 50 Ohm constructions are swept for VSWR to ensure product quality. To meet demanding customer requirements, Harbour manufactures special versions of MIL-DTL-17 cables. Harbour's MIL-DTL-17 cables are used in wireless and cellular communication systems and antenna systems around the world.

Harbour also manufactures special RF Microwave cables used for numerous military and commercial aerospace applications, radio communication systems, internal RF transmission lines, and antenna distribution systems. These special series of cables include LL Low Loss coax with high-velocity PTFE dielectrics and composite shields for high frequency and high power applications. Flat strip braids are also used in Harbour's SB Coax series, and spiral shields are used in Harbour's SS Coax series.

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HF High Frequency Coax

Center Conductor Diameter.051˝.037˝.037˝.0201˝
Dielectric Diameter.145˝.117˝.117˝.064˝
Diameter Over 
Inner Braid .152˝.127˝ .125˝.071˝
Diameter Over 
Interlayer.158˝.133˝ ------
Diameter Over Outer Braid.178˝.153˝.138˝.084˝
Overall Diameter.195˝.175˝.163˝.104˝
Bend Radius1.0˝0.9˝0.8˝0.5˝
Attenuation (dB/100ft) @TypTypTypTyp
400 MHz4.76.86.411.9
1 GHz7.511.110.519.2
2 GHz10.716.315.527.7
2.4 GHz11.718.017.230.6
3 GHz13.220.419.534.5
5 GHZ17.227.326.345.7
10 GHz24.941.140.167.5
18 GHz34.259.158.395.1
26 GHz41.974.874.4118.6
31 GHz------83.9132.1
40 GHz---------154.8
Guaranteed VSWR Performance26 GHz26 GHz31 GHz40 GHz

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Harbour Industries is the global leader in product engineering and manufacturing of high temperature and high-performance cable. Our product and process engineering expertise ensures the highest quality products manufactured to precise customer specifications.


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