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MIL-DTL-17 Coaxial Cables

QPL Approved “RG” Constructions

Harbour Industries is a QPL approved manufacturer of high temperature, high performance coaxial cables supplied in exact accordance with the MIL-DTL-17 specification. The information referenced has been taken from the MIL-DTL-17 "slant sheets" which define complete physical and electrical characteristics for each MIL-DTL-17 part number including dimensional parameters, dielectric materials, shield constructions, VSWR, and maximum attenuation over various frequency ranges. For complete individual slant sheets, go to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) website.

The Importance of VSWR Sweep Testing

When selecting a 50 Ohm coaxial cable, constructions with VSWR requirements are highly recommended. Manufacturing and sweep testing cables with concern for VSWR ensures a quality cable free of spikes over the frequency range referenced on the slant sheet.

Precision PTFE Dielectrics Used

All of the PTFE dielectric coax cables listed are high temperature, high performance constructions exhibiting high dielectric strength and low capacitance in proportion to the cable’s dielectric constant. Harbour manufactures all PTFE dielectric cable constructions with tolerances tighter than the MIL-DTL-17 specification to ensure uniformity of electrical characteristics, especially impedance, attenuation, and VSWR.

Constructions with PTFE Tape Wrapped Jackets

Harbour manufactures PTFE tape wrapped cables - specifically RG187 A/U, RG188 A/U, RG195 A/U, and RG196 A/U - in accordance with a previous revision of the MIL-DTL-17 specification. These constructions can withstand operating temperatures up to 250 º versus 200º C for FEP jacketed cables. PTFE tape wrapped cables are generally more flexible than their FEP jacketed counterpart. Alternative 250º constructions are also available with PFA jackets.

M17/176-00001 Twinaxial Data Bus Cable

Although not a coaxial construction, the MIL-DTL-17 specification includes this twinaxial cable with a controlled impedance of 77 Ohms.

"Maximum frequencies" are those as referenced on individual slant sheets of the MIL-DTL-17 specification. No values are given above 400MHz for unswept constructions because MIL-DTL-17 specification recommends these cables should not be used above this frequency.

Cable constructions and physical and electrical characteristics

   Download physical and electrical characteristics for these products.  

Complete detailed specifications may be found on DSCC’s website.

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