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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

SFL Rock SStable® Spiral Flex Coaxial Cable

More Flexible And Supple Construction

Harbour’s SFL Spiral Flex™ coaxial cables, more flexible and supple versions of the industry standard SS Spiral Strip constructions, are constructed with a specially formulated jacket compound and stranded silver plated copper center conductors. These 50 Ohm versions exhibit VSWR levels that meet or exceed similar size flexible constructions, and just like their SS cable counterparts, offer excellent shielding effectiveness with readily available connectors.

The solid light blue flexible 105°C jackets offer excellent braid-to-jacket adhesion and electrical stability during usage.

Although the insertion loss is slightly higher than their SS cable counterparts, SFL attenuation levels through 18 GHz are substantially lower than comparable MIL-DTL-17 constructions.

   Download physical and electrical characteristics for these products.  

   Download Attenuation Stability Test Procedure.

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