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Harbour Braided Wire Separator

AeroBIT™ 8

Like all of Harbour’s Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data cables, AeroBIT™ 8 utilizes a proprietary Fluoropolymer insulation that provides superior crush resistance, ease of termination as well as a tight bend radius.


Advanced Technology

• Low-Density Composite Fluoropolymer with skin stripe technology.

• Individually shielded pair for maximized isolation.

• Match velocity's for open-eye response to support high data rates.


Harbour's Aerospace Grade Category 8 supporting Full-Duplex 40GBASE-T applications

• 4 times the data rate (2 GHz vs. 500 MHz)

• Complies with cable standard ANSI/TIA 568 Category 8 Channel

• Exceeds performance standard of AS6070/6

• Supports signal speeds up to 40 Gbs (cable lengths 28 to 32 meters)

• Meets FAR 25, Appendix


AeroBIT™ 8 Applications

• In-flight Entertainment Systems

• In-flight Connectivity Systems

• Cabin Management Systems

• Avionic Networks

• Digital Video Systems

• Satellite Communications

Download physical and electrical characteristics for AeroBIT™ 8

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