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Harbour Industries is the leading supplier of QPL approved MIL-DTL-17 cables. All 50 Ohm constructions are swept for VSWR to ensure product quality. To meet demanding customer requirements, Harbour manufactures special versions of MIL-DTL-17 cables. Harbour's MIL-DTL-17 cables are used in wireless and cellular communication systems and antenna systems around the world.

Harbour also manufactures special RF Microwave cables used for numerous military and commercial aerospace applications, radio communication systems, internal RF transmission lines, and antenna distribution systems. These special series of cables include LL Low Loss coax with high velocity PTFE dielectrics and composite shields for high frequency and high power applications. Flat strip braids are also used in Harbour's SB Coax series, and spiral shields are used in Harbour's SS Coax series.

   Download a Coaxial Cable Data Sheet outlining Harbour's Coaxial Cables series.  

   Download the entire Coaxial Catalog.  

   Download the entire Coaxial Catalog (Chinese).

Compare typical attenuation values of coax at any operating frequency using the Attenuation Calculator under the Resources header on the right.

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LL (Low Loss) Coaxial Cable - solid center conductors

• Expanded PTFE tape dielectrics and composite braided shields
• Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 40GHz

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LL (Low Loss) Coaxial Cable - stranded center conductors

• For use in higher flexing applications. Also uses expanded PTFE tape dielectrics and composite braided shields

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SB (Strip Braid) Coaxial Cable

• Solid PTFE dielectrics and composite braided shields
• Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 26GHz

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SS Rock SStable® Spiral Strip Coaxial Cable

• Solid PTFE dielectrics and spiral strip shield shields
• Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 40GHz

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SFL Rock SStable® Spiral Flex Coaxial Cable

• More flexible and supple versions of SS spiral strip coax
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MIL-DTL-17 Coaxial Cables

• QPL approved constructions

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HS (High Strength) Coaxial Cable

• Incorporates braids with high break strength

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TRX (Triaxial) Coaxial Cable

• Incorporates braids that are isolated from each other by an intermediate FEP layer

Attenuation Calculator

Although typical and maximum attenuation values at discrete frequencies may be found in Harbour's online catalog, this Attenuator Calculator makes it easy to compare multiple items at any operating frequency. Just type a frequency in MHz (for instance 18 GHz = 18,000 MHz) to calculate and compare typical attenuation values.

Cable Outer
Maximum Frequency
(dB / 100 ft.)
LL120 .120 18,000
LL160 .160 18,000
LL142 .195 18,000
LL235 .235 18,000
LL335/LL335i .335/.300 18,000
LL142STR .195 18,000
LL270STR .270 18,000
LL450STR .450 13,000
LL480STR .480 11,000
SB316 .098 18,000
SB142/SB142i .195/.172 18,000
SB400 .195 18,000
SB304 .280 18,000
SB393 .390 11,000
SS405 .104 18,000
SS402 .163 18,000
M17/93-RG178 .071 3,000
M17/113-RG316 .098 3,000
M17/128-RG400 .195 12,400
M17/60-RG142 .195 12,400
M17/127-RG393 .390 11,000
SFL405-105Flex .115 18,000
SFL402-105Flex .180 18,000

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