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Marmon Wire & Cable  Sector Companies

The Marmon Group is an international association of about 140 business units that operate independently within 11 diverse business sectors.  Member companies have collective revenues of approximately $7 billion.  Member companies operate under their own management within a sector structure that provides access to the experience and expertise of other members in related businesses and markets.

The Engineered Wire & Cable sector manufactures electrical and electronic wire and cable for energy related markets and other industries.  Applications include industrial power and instrumentation, aerial and underground utility distribution, and environments where exposure to harsh elements is anticipated.  Markets also include automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, computers, transit and appliances.

Aetna Insulated Wire, Inc. - Manufactures copper wire and cable 600V through 35KV primarily for the industrial market.  Aetna can insulate, assemble, armor, and jacket to the latest industry standards and customer's specific design

Cable USA, Inc. - Designs and manufactures specialty high temperature wire and cable used in applications including transit, industrial power and instrumentation, appliances and aerospace.

Comtran Corporation - Manufactures electronic, telecommunications and fire alarm cable for customers throughout North America. More than 600 standard and custom products are offered.

Unitherm, Inc. - Manufactures pre-insulated and heated tube and hose bundles for the power, chemical and petroleum industries. Manufactures long lengths of single and multiple construction thermally insulated, electric traced and steam traced tubing bundles for the Petroleum and Chemical processing industries, Power generation plants, Co-generation units, and other basic industries world-wide. Products are designed to provide freeze protection or high temperature control of process fluids and gasses. Also manufactures heated flexible hose products used in industrial and commercial applications where precise control of fluid properties is required. Products are constructed from standard and exotic metal and plastic tubes and hoses. Unitherm is the world leader in the design and manufacture of custom tubing/wire umbilical bundles used for Continuous Emissions Monitoring.

Dekoron Wire & Cable, Inc. - Manufactures Instrument, Thermocouple Extension, and Control Cables for process industries. Dekoron specializes in signal transmission products such as multi-pair instrument, thermocouple extension, and control cables. Options include Steel Served Wire and Interlocked Armors and Seam Sealed chemical-moisture barriers. These cables are used in process industries for control and instrumentation. Dekoron also manufactures a Circuit Integrity Cable that will provide continuous signal and control for 3 hours at 750°C in a fire environment.

Harbour Industries, Inc. - Manufactures high temperature and high performance cable for the military, commercial, and industrial markets.

Hendrix Wire & Cable, Inc. - Manufactures electrical distribution cable, cable systems and accessories for aerial and underground utility applications.

Kerite Company, The - Manufactures rubber insulated power cable from 600V to 138KV including underground distribution cable, submarine power cable and a variety of other specialty cables and services.

Owl Wire and Cable, Inc. - Manufactures uninsulated copper wire for automotive, building wire, appliance and telecommunications industries.

RSCC Aerospace & Defense - Designs and manufactures Wire and Cable for the Sensor, Electronic, Military and Aerospace industries. Primary products include Thermocouple Wire and Cable, Electronic Hook-Up Wire and Wire Wrap.

RSCC Wire & Cable, Inc. - Manufactures wire and cable products for applications in which exposure to high temperatures, fire, radiation, moisture, corrosive atmospheres or other harsh environmental hazards is anticipated. RSCC Aerospace & Defense, a division of RSCC Wire & Cable, makes thermo-couple wire for oil exploration, aircraft manufacturing and related industries.

TE Wire & Cable LLC - Manufactures thermocouple wire, thermocouple extension cables, copper instrumentation and controls cables as well as its patented Accuclave® autoclave thermocouple.


HARBOUR INDUSTRIES LLC is a member of the Marmon High Performance Cable Group, a specialty group of wire and cable manufacturing companies supporting the aerospace, defense, industrial, commercial and RF communications markets. Either Harbour or one of their sister companies can provide a cabling solution for almost any requirement.

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